Week 12 – Creative Stall – Working through Creative blocks – the culprit

It’s been too long since I posted…  usually I can work through my creative blocks but I am not sure why but this has been a particularly difficult period.  In an effort to be as honest as possible I am posting the piece “the culprit” I have been trying to resolve.  My first instinct is to keep it in my WIP (works in progress) box until I am ready and all has been resolved.  I welcome your insight, wosdom and perspective on working through a creative block.  How do you work through these difficult times?

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19 Responses to Week 12 – Creative Stall – Working through Creative blocks – the culprit

  1. plrang says:

    Well.. I switch to another kind of the activity, photos, graphics, reading books, movie etc, Keeping a journal with notes to have them when the mood is back


  2. plrang says:

    My pleasure. It may be though to switch sometimes, but I’ve learned to force me to do that. Wasn’t easy, but now it’s a reflex. I think it works the same way as You walk away from your graphics to see it from the distance.


  3. poppytump says:

    I’ve only recently got back to doing a few sketches myself purely for ?pleasure? and feel blocked a lot of the time ! So for me I have ended up doing other stuff like random posts 🙂
    A jotting notebook is always useful for me with ideas odd words ways forward etc scribbled down as and when …
    Funnily enough I have just come in from a walk with hopefully some inspiration from photos I have taken of Rooks flying up from hay field….


  4. hi, i find that i get creatively blocked as soon as i find myself thinking something like this: “Hey, maybe this will be the thing that will finally make me famous!” oh that inner fame-seeing drive! when it comes around everything stalls. so then i find something to do just because i love doing it and that helps.

    love your many bird drawings/paintings!


  5. Bland Crowder says:

    If panic is involved, go to sleep. Regardless, put the work aside for as long as possible. Them’s my idies and I stand my ’em. B.


  6. emanateslife says:

    I do not know if it is an appreciated tip, but just go trough it. It is easy to introvert on these things “well …this is hard, how can i solve these things, and maybe, after all, I am not that good.” Something that I think work, and gives you the feeling of “I do not care, I just do!” Is to continue to produce, and produce even more, not be so super hard to one self. At least it works quite well for me. 🙂 Of course one should care, but not to the degree that it kills you, or stops you. Also as said above by someone else, take an other angle, take an other material, write, paint, clay, take a walk, change perspective, “how would a engineer solve this problem?” or something like that. 🙂

    Personally, when I have the most fun, and do best, is when you have the least fear to fail. Especielly in art where it sometimes is a bit like “It HAS to be great, beautiful, unique, perfect, never seen before, brilliant, what if i fail, maybe I am not an artist after all.” Etc etc. An other thing, that I found works, at least for me, is to have the willingness, and maybe ability (?) to do things, that looks bad, break all rules, is upside down, would be hated (in the context of what is “good”, “nice”, “looks good” etc, in the area of art, creation etc. I do not speak about doing bad things to others, immoral things). One method to use is to work with the wrong hand (left hand if you are right handed, or the opposite), it will make your drawing not as perfect as with the “correct” hand, but it improves you really, or at least, takes of the fear to fail or make bad, and if you are bored about what you are doing, it also helps, sinc, it will surprise you! it gives unexpected result and is really funne. When you change back to the correct one, you will also feel like – a genious! Maybe you are after all?

    And again, if you doubt in what you are doing, or if are good enough, just produce more, be brave, have the courage to make a “useless” drawings. Waste material, paper, pens, ink, or what ever you use, give all that you have, it is just materials, and it can be bought new, even if you are not rich. I mean, that you have to decide for your self, do not waste material if you do not want to, I like it personally, because it feels great. 🙂 And you feel rich, and it becomes less serious, and more FUN! 🙂

    Thanks for the visit!

    Let the things burn, give them passion. Tjoho!

    Well, that was long, maybe, it can help you, or someone else.



    • sketchjay says:

      Thank you for this. It is always helpful to learn how other artists work through their creative block. You have shared some great ideas – I especially like the idea of switching hands. Working on monoprints helps me “loosen up”. I think many creative people will find what you have said helpful! Thanks so uch for sharing your time and experience! Thanks for stopping by!


  7. emanateslife says:

    You are welcome, no problem. I am sure you will go trough the barrier. Good that it works with the monocrome! An other thing is also, to find and revitalize the purpose of what you are doing. What is the purpose of this? Why did I start to paint, draw etc? What are you trying to achieve? Or find the purpose of the actual drawing you are working on etc. It can help you get going again. Thank you too! /P


  8. Karen says:

    I am not sure of what to tell you. I am new to your blog and think your work is so beautiful. So, I am only sorry I did not encounter your blog at an earlier time, but there is no changing that now. I can only go back and look at all of the beautiful pages you have done in the past.
    However, in saying all of this, I am inclined to think something else is on your mind. I mean, perhaps, something else is bothering you? I cannot guess what it may be, it is only that I notice when people react to different things in their life without really knowing why, usually it is about something else. Let me give an example.
    There is this young woman I work with, and at a meeting she got all worked up about some data that were not being entered into a computer fast enough for her to do her job. There were top managers in the meeting. She made a big deal about it, and the person doing the job told the group that it was indeed her fault, things had gone wrong, she had made a mistake, and was sorry she had caused such a problem. That person was me.
    After the meeting this lady, who had done the complaining, came up to me and told me she was sorry, I should never had said anything, but that she was not supposed to be doing what she was doing, she should be a team-leader not a ….. bottom line, she was unhappy with her job. I am not saying you are unhappy with your “job”, but perhaps there is something else going on in your life you are not quite satisfied with.
    I hope you find your way out of the block and I do think you will. Until then, I will be looking at all of your beautiful work done in the past. Thank you for this!


  9. sketchjay says:

    Hi Karen,
    I am not sure how I missed this but
    I’d love to hear about your story!


    • Karen says:

      I will get my thoughts together again, they kind of got lost in the midst of a surgery, physical therapy, and other life disruptions. However, I do not want to post them here, so will have to figure out another way to send them to you.
      You are doing some beautiful work here!
      Kind regards.


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