A Cormorant in New York Harbor ~ φαλακρός κόραξ

We would watch for hours as the Cormorants on Block Island would hold their wings out wide to dry them in the sun only to dive right back into the water once accomplished.   We are lucky to have them close by, two New York birds live in the Narrows of New York Harbor.  They are a favorite of mine but not typically the subject of my drawings.  Possibly a future subject of a children’s book…  anyone interested in collaborating?

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14 Responses to A Cormorant in New York Harbor ~ φαλακρός κόραξ

  1. A wonderful bird, a wonderful painting! The Cormorant teaches me to dive deap into the water to find myself, to be full and rich, then to rest in the sun and finally to fly high, overcome the storms! Thank you for this picture!


  2. sketchjay says:

    Very nice of you to visit my blog and share your thoughts. Thank you!


  3. svenddottir says:

    I love how you’ve superimposed the bird, which is almost silhouetted and very monochrome, onto the bright, colored, complex pattern of the background.


  4. iagsantafe says:

    love bird art, particularly this one.


  5. markhilsden says:

    Thank you for visiting my site – your talent is rather special


  6. Thanks for visiting my blog and for leading me to yours. I love the softness of the birds against the patterned background – really beautiful!


  7. Divs says:

    Very interesting subject and representation… I like the bird in the horse on the bird…And all the others too!.. I don’t mind contributing to a children’s book if that’s on your agenda…


    • sketchjay says:

      Thanks so much! I am interested in connecting artists with writers and have always wanted to do a childrens book. I hope to get things going in the new year and will keep you posted!
      Thanks again!


  8. J M Naszady says:

    Thanks for visiting my blog. I enjoyed seeing your work. I also have an interest in paper-based art, although I have only a tiny bit of experience in printmaking. My favorite technique is drypoint. Lately I have been working in watercolors and colored pencil.


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