Chickadee Peace, Pretty Pink Feet, Remembering Blackbirds, Unsent Letters

Day Twenty Seven- Roni's Chickadee

Chickadee Peace

The Favorite Four

Thanks everyone for helping me choose the four images to be made into prints.  Your selections are below… Chickadee Peace was the absolute favorite!  I am delighted at the selection, they are so balanced as a set but also each have their own unique palettes.  I couldn’t have chosen this group on my own.

This has been the most rewarding experience in so many ways, thank you all for participating, I loved receiving your impressions and your advice for getting past creative  “block”.  I will get started on the prints now and hopefully will also be working on some new pieces very soon.  For those of you who sent your addresses I will be sending your cards this week.

Day Eighty-Four, Pretty Pink Feet

Pretty Pink Feet

Day Twelve-web

Remembering the Black Birds

2013 Unsent Letters

Unsent Letters

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32 Responses to Chickadee Peace, Pretty Pink Feet, Remembering Blackbirds, Unsent Letters

  1. Sorry I missed your previous posting, however viewing the others, these are great choices for your collection.


  2. These are quite beautiful!


  3. I’ve just started following you blog, so missed the chance to vote on your bird print. The winner looks great. What kind of print will you make from it? Looking forward to seeing the project develop!


  4. Dawn, Your paintings are so cool. Thanks!


  5. Candace says:

    All were great, so hard to choose but you picked good ones.


  6. Lali says:

    love the Chickadee Peace!


  7. penspen says:

    You do beautiful work.


  8. beyondfstop says:

    I agree with penspen…calming, subtle, with beautiful use of positive and negative space, and dynamic pattern. Thanks for sharing.


  9. positivethinking13 says:

    Really cool! You are very talented.


  10. hobo hippie says:

    I love your paintings – thanks for the follow! ana


  11. twomeydesign says:

    Beautiful patterns and color palette.


  12. Jane Lurie says:

    This is a beautiful set of your work. Love your color and pattern combinations.


  13. Really like the chickadee!


  14. wow great patterns! I love the yellow pigeon


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