A Roadrunner Study II – Running the NYC Marathon for Charity


Once again I am exploring the Roadrunner, inspired by my recent running activities.

Not the form or shape of birds that I typically find compelling but I am enjoying the exploration and loving this new bird.

After running my first Half Marathon last month, which was amazing, I decided to register for a full marathon.

This November I will be running the NYC Marathon.  I am running for a charity, Team For Kids.  TFK offers thousands of kids the opportunity to participate in track and field events and meet wonderful inspiring coaches…  

I am giving away original art on NYC Marathon day, November 2nd 2014, my Roadrunner studies and paintings! Names will be randomly chosen from the names of  those who have donated to Team For Kids.  Please visit http://www.runwithtfk.org/Profile/PublicPage/17732  to learn more.  In addition, I am sending each person who donates to my fundraising page a card featuring one of my illustrations and a personal thank you from me to you! No donation is too small and you can donate more than once!  Even a donation of 5 or 10 dollars enters your name into the drawing.  

Thanks so much for your support,



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6 Responses to A Roadrunner Study II – Running the NYC Marathon for Charity

  1. what a lovely image

    and what a worthy way to use your artist’s eye and skill, your legs and your will

    more power to your soles

    with admiration and respect

    howard goldenberg
    running as pheidipides, currently lamenting injuries , old age, and the thought that i am at the end of my run

    i will try to master internet donation so i can contribute to your fundraising


    • sketchjay says:

      Dear Howard,
      Thank you for this lovely note. I became inspired by Joy Johnson who ran her first marathon at age 59 and last one at age 86! I am very careful because I am not an athlete – one injury and I won’t be able to do it. I appreciate your donating to Team For Kids and even a few dollars will help and will enter you into the drawing. I hope I will be able to finish more drawings and paintings by November. Thank you again for these kind words,


  2. trueindigo says:

    Great idea and a lovely sketch! I hope you will post updates of your training for NYC Marathon. See you there in November!


  3. thewisetent says:

    I cannot express with words how happy it makes me to see a fellow artist using his or her body and talent to help others. You have some real talent, and I really enjoy spending time on your WordPress. Your running and art-making are inspirational. I have taking up running for about 1.5 years, not seriously, but I do enjoy a good 5Km (sorry I’m Canadian) run. Best of luck.


    • sketchjay says:

      Thanks so much for this I appreciate your kind words and your visiting my blog! I am Canadian too! My grandmother was from PEI! I visited your blog too, it’s great! Hope you’ll visit again. All the best.


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