New Blue Grackle

new blue grackle

Working on a new project, I stumbled upon this Grackle.  It was part of a study – that has me experimenting with a new palette.  More to come soon… Great excitement over the new possibilities, new imagery and new mediums.

Thank you for visiting my blog.

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Love’s Labour’s Lost

2013AugLove's Labour's Lost

I reworked a drawing while waiting in Central Park for tickets to Shakespeare’s Love’s Labour’s Lost.  It has been too long since I posted any new work, maybe the new surroundings helped clear my head.  The park was lovely this morning, a cool breeze, acorns dropping, birds chirping, only nature’s distractions.  I thought I’d do some landscapes but found this little bird in my sketch book half-done, so I felt compelled…

This bird is dedicated to another bird, sweet little “Potato Chip”.

The prints on my previous post are now available in limited editions as well as many of the paintings and drawings I have posted. Please contact me directly through my Facebook page if you are interested in any of my work.

Thanks so much again for your support.

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Chickadee Peace, Pretty Pink Feet, Remembering Blackbirds, Unsent Letters

Day Twenty Seven- Roni's Chickadee

Chickadee Peace

The Favorite Four

Thanks everyone for helping me choose the four images to be made into prints.  Your selections are below… Chickadee Peace was the absolute favorite!  I am delighted at the selection, they are so balanced as a set but also each have their own unique palettes.  I couldn’t have chosen this group on my own.

This has been the most rewarding experience in so many ways, thank you all for participating, I loved receiving your impressions and your advice for getting past creative  “block”.  I will get started on the prints now and hopefully will also be working on some new pieces very soon.  For those of you who sent your addresses I will be sending your cards this week.

Day Eighty-Four, Pretty Pink Feet

Pretty Pink Feet

Day Twelve-web

Remembering the Black Birds

2013 Unsent Letters

Unsent Letters

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Thank You ~ धन्यवाद ~ Gracias ~ 감사합니다 ~ ευχαριστώ ~ Merci ~ شكرا ~ obrigado ~ ありがとう ~ grazie ~ ~

The Favorite Four       Chickadee Peace   The Favorite Four Thanks everyone for helping me choose the four images to be made into prints.  Your selections are below… Chickadee Peace was the absolute favorite!  I am delighted at … Continue reading

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Working through “Artist’s Block”… Help me choose the top 4 birds for a limited edition suite of prints while I am waiting for the block to pass.

Quick note:  Thanks to all those who have responded to my post below thus far.  Your feedback has been immensely helpful and interesting, some true surprises!  I will get back to everyone and will continue to collect your choices through the end of the month… and my first post for July will be the announcement of the 4 lucky birds…

Original post:

For some time now I have been unable to sketch or paint, I am experiencing “Artist’s Block”.   Often, if I am facing obstacles in other areas of my life there are times when I just am unable to be creative… unable to sit at my drawing table or easel.  It is best for me to recognize this until I work things through.

2013 Unsent Letters

1.Unsent Letters

I have been contemplating creating a limited edition of prints of my work and I guess this might be the best time to  tackle it.  I’d love feedback from folks regarding which images to choose.  I have several hundred bird images but I’ve selected 18 of my favorites and would welcome help from the blogging community in choosing which to make into prints.

In appreciation, I will send a thank you card of one of my birds to each participant (please message me with your address -email or snail mail- to receive a personal card from me.)

As always, thanks so much for your support and encouragement!!!

Side by Side Crows

2. Side by Side As Crows

If wishes were

3. Inside Out


4. A Cormorant in New York Harbor

Day 331, Missing Mockingbirdweb

5. Je Suis Ici

Day 110

6. Evermore

Day Ninety-Six, Uncommon Grackle in an Unfamiliar Place

7. Untitled

Day Eighty-Four, Pretty Pink Feet

8. Pretty Pink Feet

Day Seventy-One  House Crow  In a Red Room #2

9. Indian House Crow

Day Sixty  Blackbird Looking Back 3

10. Looking Back in Blue

Day Nine

11. Butterfly Blue

Day Fifty-Seven   Mockingbird Music

12. Mockingbird Music

Day Fifty-Four  In Praise of the Pidgeon or Rock Dove 2

13. In Praise of Pigeons

Day Twenty Seven- Roni's Chickadee

14. Chickadee Peace

Day Twenty One

15. Love

Day Twelve-web

16. Remembering the Blackbirds

Day Ten

17. Delicate Balance

Day Eighty-Two, Red-Winged Blackbird

18. Red Winged

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Unsent Letters

2013 Unsent Letters

This is true…

This painting is my first attempt at recreating a painting I made within a dream I had about a week ago ~ the title is the title that I dreamt “Unsent Letters”  I remember writing the title on the back of the painting.  I dreamt this after some interesting conversations with my daughter who was working on a project for school involving writing words or carrying words on her person…

For me painting is a process that starts off with an idea and it changes and evolves through the act of drawing and painting, often becoming something completely new ~ if I allow myself to be open to it

This painting was tough because I felt compelled to bring it back to the original memory from my dream and this is my first attempt – it feels awkward to me and requires another try.

For the best view click on the image.

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Uncommon Blue Grackle


Grackles are such elegant creatures.



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Let me take you to a place that will take your breath away…


Thinking about the vantage point of pigeons ‘fancy or common’ it must be amazing!

It would take my breath away.

It is great to be sketching again.  Thanks so much for the blog nominations and awards!  I will try to respond individully to each very soon.  I really appreciate your stopping by and for taking the time to comment and share your impressions.

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This January Horse Regards the Past


Drawing is a wonderful way of remembering…

I think the first memory I have of drawing was one I had done of a horse. It was the “horse of a different color” in the Wizard of Oz.  I loved horses then as I do now and that one in particular.  I remember what I was feeling as I was drawing, my box of crayons, the choices I made in colors and  being disappointed with the head I had drawn – trying to fix it (no erasers when working with crayons), I think I was five.

I went on to draw many horses through grade school with my best friend Kyra.  After school we would draw their heads and fantasize about having our own horses – mine  would be a Palomino.  Great memories…


This is my “Horse of a Different Color”

My daughter also loves horses and made this when she was a bit older than 5 and it is the happiest horse being ridden by a very happy girl.


Amanda’s Happy Horse

I am not sure why, but recently I have felt like drawing horses again.

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Sketchathon! Hurricane Sandy Fundraiser this Sunday in New York City.

This Sunday December 16th I will be participating in a fundraiser to raise money for the Time Square Art Square and The New York Foundation for the Arts to assist artists affected by Hurricane Sandy. It is a Sketchathon, with 100 artists donating their time and talents.

Day Ninety-Seven, Clever Crow web

You can commission portraits from one of 100 artists – including myself, for $10. in advance or $20. on the day of the event.  You can join us in Manhattan or you can commission portraits online. Please see all of the details below.

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